If You Receive a Letter or Notice of Audit from the IRS

What Should I Do If I Received a Letter or a Notice of Audit from the IRS?

The second half of April is often redeemed by the fact that it’s the first time in the year that many individuals can avoid thinking about taxes and their need to file by the tax filing deadline. However, for some taxpayers, filing their taxes is unfortunately not the last time they can think about their taxes in 2016. Some taxpayers may be concerned about the contents of their most recent filing and spend a number of anxiety-filled days and nights contemplating the consequences they could potentially face. Other taxpayers may be in for a particularly unwelcome surprise: a notice or letter from the IRS.

If you have received a notice or a letter from the IRS advising you of some tax deficiency, tax attorney Robert Hoffman may be able to help. Mr. Hoffman is a strategic and aggressive tax lawyer who can fight for your best interests and reduce the likelihood that a request for information expands into a full tax audit. To schedule a confidential consultation at the Hoffman Law Offices call 800-897-3915 today or contact the firm online.

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Understand the Contents of the Letter Before Taking Action

As a starting point, remember that not all letters or notices from the IRS are bad. Some letters could even reflect that you made an error and the IRS has corrected it in your favor. Furthermore, there are degrees of bad news. For instance, the IRS may only be concerned with a single aspect of your tax return due to a minor mistake you made due to transposing numbers. Hopefully, the amount in question is small, but in any case, this is a clear accident and it is unlikely that you will face significant additional complications such as a criminal tax investigation by IRS Criminal Investigations.

However, if you know that you have engaged in wrongdoing on your taxes and receive even a limited request for information, the stakes are significantly higher. In these circumstances you should seek the counsel of a tax lawyer who can assess the situation and determine the potential scope of liability you face. In many circumstances the tax attorney may even be able to strategically handle to request for audit or information to handle the criminal risk. Facing an “eggshell” audit is a difficult situation to face but it is often not completely unmanageable.

In any case, any taxpayer who has concerns about the letter they received from the IRS is encouraged to seek professional counsel. The tax lawyer may be able to tell you that the letter isn’t the end of the world and help your handle the situation. In more serious situations, the lawyer may even be able to protect you from criminal liability.

Gather Your Tax and Financial Statements

If you face an IRS request for information or audit, there is no way around the fact that you will need to provide the agency certain information. However, you should understand what the IRS is asking for and only provide the requested information. In many cases making a more comprehensive filing can invite additional scrutiny and expand the scope of the audit or investigation unnecessarily. However, if you are unable to find or gather statements, you may face a situation where the IRS has disallowed deductions or exemptions. In many cases, a situation of this type can only be handled by a lawyer who understands how to engage in forensic accounting. Through this process he or she may be able to provide proof of your expenses and deductions.

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Contact a California Tax Attorney if you Have Received an IRS Letter

If you’ve received a letter or notice from the IRS, maintain calm and take the time to read and understand the letter. Remember, even if the IRS is asking for additional information about your taxes it doesn’t mean that you will face a full-fledged audit. Furthermore, even if you have been selected for an audit, the situation is often manageable provided that you engage with an attorney early in the process while it is still possible to set ground rules for the audit.

If you have personal or business tax concerns due to an IRS letter, tax attorney Robert Hoffman may be able to fight for you. Mr. Hoffman engages in all tax matters aggressively and strategically to protect your bottom-line. To schedule a confidential legal consultation call 800-897-3915 or contact us online today.

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