IRS and California Tax Law: Robert Hoffman

IRS and California Tax Law

Navigating the often complicated world of tax law on your own while trying to fend off the IRS is difficult to impossible. You need a skilled tax lawyer’s services to help you limit the damage, ensuring you pay the lowest tax allowed under the law. Regardless of your tax controversy issue — state, federal, or international — The Law Offices of Robert Hoffman can provide comprehensive support. Read below to find out more information about your problem, and how our tax attorneys can assist you.

Unfiled Returns

Have years of un-filed federal tax returns? Act now before the federal government takes action. Our services can help reduce your heavy penalties, bringing you into compliance with the IRS.
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Levies and Wage Garnishment

Bank levies and wage garnishments can cripple your finances, making it tough to meet other financial obligations. Find out how our lawyers can lower or suspend them to give you immediate relief.
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Innocent Spouse Relief

Did your spouse willfully evade paying taxes without your knowledge? File for innocent spouse relief now to avoid significant fines and possible prison time.
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Installment Agreements

Need to get an installment agreement with the IRS approved? We can review for your paperwork to increase your chances that the IRS will accept your offer.
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Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise can shave thousands of dollars off your tax debt if done properly. Find out how Robert Hoffman can help get your total amount owed reduced.
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State Tax Issues

State tax controversies can damage your credit and make it difficult to earn professional licenses. Read on for additional info about how Robert Hoffman can settle your legal tax matters.
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Taxes and Immigration

Immigrating to the United States carries intricate tax requirements that you can easily miss. Our tax attorneys know the law.
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